Terms and Conditions


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Please be advised that photographs and video footage will be taken at the Convention for use on the ADSA Website http://adsa.org.au, Convention Site http://convention.adsa.org.au, and ADSA social media channels. It may also be used in current and future publications such as Articulate, e-mail newsletters, and in the press. By registering for this event, you consent to ADSA photographing, taking video footage and using your image and likeness.

If a media item is deemed inappropriate it will be removed by ADSA. If you would like your image removed from any ADSA content, please contact ADSA.

ADSA cannot pre-empt removal of media items for individuals, but may only remove media items upon request. Due to the nature of modern media, ADSA cannot guarantee removal of images or video from all sources.

All images and video taken by ADSA remains the property of ADSA.


The purchaser shall indemnify ADSA against any liability for death, personal injury, indirect or direct losses (including consequential loss) or damage to property other than where caused by the negligence of ADSA whilst on ADSA property.


ADSA will not be responsible for the damage to or loss of personal items before, during and after an event.


As a member of the Australian Dental Students Association (ADSA) you will be attending the ADSA  event ‘Convention’ that includes activities which have the potential to cause injury and agree to delegate my authority to the Staff, Instructors and Convenors.

Staff, Convenors and Instructors may take whatever disciplinary action they deem necessary to ensure the safety, well-being and successful conduct of the students as a group, or individual for the duration of the camp.

You also authorise the Staff, Convenors and Instructors to obtain medical assistance which they deem necessary should it occur during Convention, and agree to cover all medical expenses.

You have read the convention activities outline, risk warning and waiver, and you are aware of the program for which you consent is requested.

You have submitted any relevant medical information and included details of limitations, which you may have for the activities concerned.

You further authorise qualified practitioners to administer anaesthetic if such an eventuality arises.

You fully understand that ADSA, the University of Melbourne and La Trobe University will take no responsibility for accidents or serious injury during Convention.